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A trailer of the anime Cosprayers. Disclaimer: I did not make this I just uploaded it.

Cosmopolitan Prayes

The song of the last episode of Cosmopolitan Prayers.

TRAILER: Cosprayers Episodes 5-8 Review

It's time to finish the Cosprayers saga. And if you thought the first half wasn't that bad, you ain't seen nothing yet! Review here: ...

TRAILER: Cosprayers Episodes 3 and 4 Review

The lighting's kind of off in this episode--I'm still getting used to rearrangements that were made in my alternate set. Review here: ...

Cosprayers - KYDB

Cosprayers Or Chou Henshin Cosprayers I just wrote that to get a higher scoring search lol what's this madness, I can upload a file directly as mkv format Nice ...

New Account Trailer

My new Account... I think the Trailer come to late.... Profil Link: .

Cosplay Complex Opening

Cosplay Complex Opening.

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