Macross 7 Encore

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Today, “anime” is more popular than ever, with television series and films reaching wider audiences and receiving high levels of acclaim. The Year 2017 anime season is winding to a close, and that means it's time to pick our favorites – and least favorites! Below, our team has assembled their choices for the best anime, along with a runner-up choice and their pick for the worst show of the season.

Macross 7 Encore - Fleet of the Strongest Women ending

one of the many reasons Macross 7 is my favorite anime.

Best scene in Macross 7

good ol' rock and roll makes blond chick go crazy.

Take M7

Qué ganas tenía de hacer un take de esta serie!! Me encanta la canción, me encanta el personaje (aunque odio como canta...), me chifla el grupo y ¡¡Adoro a ...

Nekki Basara sings to space whales

For a blog post at . Copyright ©1997 Studio Nue.

Macross 7 - Nekki Basara is a sociopath

Nekki Basara, the face of autism City 7 and its 350 000 inhabitants are about to be hurled into the sun, but who has time for that? I JUST GOTTA PLAY.

Macross 7 is awesome

Nekki Basara - Giving space elves projectile orgasm since 2045.

Anime songs 8 | Macross 7 - Remember16

These songs are best of OVA Anime-Hits songs. If You like This song, Leave a comment Share video and Subscribe for us. Thank You.

Macross 7 Alternate Ending / Accident

This video was way easier to edit than I thought.

Just Basara Nekki being himself

he just be like that song: "Fluffing a Duck"

Speaker Pod Gamma - Macross 7

Gundam beam rifle sound effect. Episode 26.

Macross 7 Concert - ELECTRIC FIRE 2007 Tribute to BASARA&MYLENE

Macross 7 Concert - ELECTRIC FIRE 2007 Tribute to BASARA&MYLENE Tracklists : 01-PLANET DANCE (Duet) 2:06 02-HOLY LONELY LIGHT (Duet) 6:24 ...

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