Real Drive

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The arrival of home video catapulted anime to its commercial and aesthetic apex, fanning outward from island nation of Nippon to the far shores of North America and back.

Real Drive Fight Scenes ep 16

Uploaded time: October 8, 2008 3:33 PM some fight scenes from real drive ep 16...transitions suck , get over it.

Real Drive | Bring Me Back To Life

It's sad when you find a series with an intriguing premise and great potential, only for it to be filled with a large 85% of crappy filler. The plot device of having a ...

When People Take Anime Too Far (Full Version ORIGINAL CREATORS) SupremeDreams_1

This is the continued video of When People Take Anime Too Far, We are the original creators and decided to make this video due to all the support of the ...

Kacchako x Real Drive

THIS IS THE UPDATED VIDEO, the old ones that has been re-posted all over social media has freezing frames so watch it over here for maximum experience ...

Captain Tsubasa's shots in real life

I do not own anything Enjoy the vid.

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