Tales of the Abyss: Jade's Secret Memories

Anime Of All Time That You Will Want To See!

This year the anime industry gave fans a vast amount of anime series and movies. And while few left much to be desired, there were some that changed the perception that nonfans (and fans) have about anime and some of its most contentious genres. Here’s the best anime of 2017

Tales of the Abyss - Sidequest: Rappigs Hunt

Read description first* When To Start: - After Natalia rejoins the party after clearing the Absorption Gate. Where To Start: - Rappigs Chamber. On the way there, ...

Tales of the Abyss Skit 283 - Jade and Dist

Japanese dub version with English sub. Tales of the Abyss (c) Namco Bandai.

Tales of the Abyss - What I've Done

Bleh. Spoilers. Started this video during the summer and didn't finish it until now. Working on another one for my friend's birthday. So expect another vid; in fact, ...

Tales of the Abyss - What is Mieu's Name

Ripped, translated, and subbed by Caer caveral and Vaste.

Tales of the Abyss - 69 - The Albiore II

Read description first* The party is surprised by the Kimlasca military in Sheridan, but they're able to flee by using the Albiore II. Noelle takes them all to St. Binah ...

Kratos plays Tales of the Abyss Part 43: Jade vs Dist

Aaaaaaand Jade completely destroys Dist. Anime version of Jade's victory over Dist: New Music in this ...

Tales of the Abyss - 165 - The Planet's Memory

Read description first* Luke uses the Key of Lorelei to close the gate, but in doing so, he gets sucked into the planet's memory to see what happened before and ...

Tales of the Abyss Skit 467 - Dr. Jade

Japanese dub version with English sub. Tales of the Abyss (c) Namco Bandai.

Tales of the Abyss- Mieu Fandub

Well here it is another fandub of me with my squeky voice, which isn't at it's full potential in the video. I'm doing a fandub of Mieu from Tales of the Abyss, enjoy ...

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