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The Best of the Rest:List of best anime movies of all time!

Anime shows nowadays focus on any topic under the sun. Some revolve around the life of a shinigami, ninja, or an assassin. Some revolve around a sport like basketball or soccer. Have you ever wondered which anime genre are the best? Such curiosity motivated me to come up with this site. If you think I missed an genre of anime worthy of mentioning, feel free to let me know in the comment section below. Have a good time everyone!

Bumpety Boo a.k.a. Hēi! Bumbū (1985) - Intro (Opening)

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bumpety boo opening en japones

el apertura original en japones del anime infantil.que en la adaptacion y doblaje de saban no incluyo para su emision para occidente.

Il caro amico Bun Bu (Hei! Bumbu) o BUmpety Boo ep Due ladri di bestiame spezzone

Cartone Jap del 1985 in 130 ep da 10. andato in Italia dal giugno all'agosto del 90 in Big Estate forse in due episodi accorpati. senza sigle come al solito Voci ...

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