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Captain Tsubasa Movie 2 : The Japanse Youth Team is in Danger's

Synopsis The second movie of Captain Tsubasa that which tells the European team came to Japan for revenge. In the early part,

Anime x Football 5-a-side [Directed by Yoichi Takahashi of Captain Tsubasa] - Animation x Paralymic

A series of short animation works focusing on the Para-sport with the aim of delivering the appeal of the Paralympic Games and sport for athletes with an ...

Captain Tsubasa Movie 3 Part 2 sub PL

Trzeci film o Tsubasie. Napisy poprawione przeze mnie.

Captain Tsubasa Movie 4 part 2 sub PL

Film 4 z napisami poprawionymi przeze mnie. W pewnym momencie napisów nie ma, nie wiem czemu. Miłego oglądania :)

Captain Tsubasa Movie 3 - Asu Ni Mukatte Hashire (High Quality - English Subtitles)

I spent a very long time to find this movie in a decent quality and proper English subtitles for it. So as a huge Captain Tsubasa fan, I just wanted to share it with ...

Captain Tsubasa Sekai Daikessen! Jr. World Cup!

Captain Tsubasa ( Türkçe Altyazı )

CAPTAIN TSUBASA - Stage Play Trailer

The manga Captain Tsubasa will take place on a stage play from August 2017. The spectacle is called "Super Experience Stage Captain Tsubasa". (please read ...

Info Tsubasa Season 2

Captain Tsubasa tong hilap subss.

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