casshan robot hunter

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Casshan Robot Hunter Trailer

A Trailer for the Anime Casshan Robot Hunter.

Casshan 1993

4 episodes...

Anime Abandon: Robot Hunter Casshern

Yes, it's pronounced "Ca-Shaaaaawwwwnn". See more anime goodness at

Casshan Robot Hunter op

el opening de casshan robot hunter con subs al español.

Casshan Robot Hunter OVA: The Movie (English Dubbed)

I will do the subbed version sometime.

Casshan vs Braiking Boss

From the fourth and final episode of the Casshan/Casshern Robot Hunter OVA.


this show is a classic pick from yours truly Timdadon aka Hacker. In the near future, robot technology has advanced to the point of self-awareness. Under the ...

Mr. Casshan

This is my 3rd Music Video. The Anime is "Casshan: The Robot Hunter" The Music is "Mr. Roboto" by "STYX". Once again, I welcome all Questions, Comments ...

Casshern Robot Hunter OVA  - SciFi Action - Anime Review #39

Please support the channel to become 100% ad/sponsor free. * Patreon: Follow me on: Twitter-------------------- ...

Casshan Tribute AMV

A tribute video for Casshan using clips from Neo Human Casshan and Casshan Robot Hunter. Music used is from the 2004 Casshern movie soundtrack.

Casshern fight scene (widescreen HQ)

Casshern fight scene (widescreen) Sorry the audio's so low. I uploaded direct from DVD, so you'll need to turn it up.

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