gatsu no lion

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The arrival of home video catapulted anime to its commercial and aesthetic apex, fanning outward from island nation of Nippon to the far shores of North America and back.

3-Gatsu No Lion - Doing My Best

This scene really got to me.


Hola! Este es mi primer AMV y no sé si me ha quedado muy bien, pero espero que os guste ^^" Hi! This is my first AMV and I don't know if the result it's okay, but ...

How 3-gatsu no Lion Made the BEST Episode in Anime this Year!

A look at how episode 26 of 3-gatsu no Lion stands out as the best episode in all of anime this year. Support me on Patreon: ...

Weaving Wounds (3-Gatsu no Lion AMV) Best Character Profile - Big Contest 2019

My motivation behind the video: This video is personal because of the themes involved in it. I won't go too into detail with its meaning since I did make it with the ...

3-gatsu no Lion [ AMV ] Paralyzed

Story about Rei (17y) lost parents in crash and have new adopted family with a strange sister Anime: 3 gatsu no Lion / March comes in like a lion / Un marzo da ...

March comes in like a Lion Trailer

From the creator of "Honey and Clover," and the renowned studio SHAFT comes a gentle tale of people trying to regain something in their lives. Rei Kiriyama lost ...

3-gatsu no Lion - Shogi match

3-gatsu no Lion - Shogi match. This moody tone was brought out really well through the shogi match and the flashbacks which did a really good job showcasing ...

3 Gatsu no Lion AMV | Still i Fly | Tomocon 2018 Best Theme

Second time competing at an AMV Competition. I want to thank all the editors for making the AMV competition a blast. You guys were amazing! Yay! I got first ...

3-gatsu No Lion [ AMV ] - Used to Be

Anime: 3-gatsu No Lion Music: Arrows to Athens: Used to Be * Thanks for watching! * Like, Comment & Sub ;) !! Important All rights reserved to the authors, if you ...

The Sad Past of Rei Kiriyama (3 Gatsu no Lion)

all credit goes to the anime creater.

dog meets girl 3-gatsu no Lion

when dogs see little kids. anime 3-gatsu no Lion.

3-gatsu no Lion Episode 10 ~ Rei vs. Yasui (Piano OST scene)

Check out my channel Cel-Shaded Music Theory where I analyze and discuss music from anime!

[ASMV] Hina's Bullying | 3 Gatsu no Lion

GTO Productions Hey guys it's been quite a while. Unfortunately i've been super busy with my studies but i'll be back after my final exams. Today i'm bringing ...

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