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Heavy Metal L-GAIM Opening: "Time For L-GAIM" by MIO

Amazing theme by MIO (Xabungle,Dunbine, Gundam 0083 "Men of Destiny" etc)."Time for L-GAIM" from Heavy Metal L-GAIM. Draws by Tomonori Kogawa ...

Heavy Metal L-Gaim Opening 1 English (creditless)

I noticed no one had uploaded the English or creditless version of the L-Gaim openings to youtube. So here they are. Orguss episode 3 dub coming shortly.

History Of Fan Anime 43 : Heavy Metal L-Gaim Fansubs

Given the title as a the grandfather of fansubbing, the founder of Arctic Animation, Chairperson of VJAS, owner of Anime Jyanai, and dubbed the nickname King ...


「アイドルマスター」の三浦あずさ(CV:桜井智 [Xenoglossia ver.] )の歌う、「重戦機エルガイム」の1st主題歌カヴァーです。

Juusenki L-Gaim - Daba vs some women

Also from E41. While Daba is a gentleman, he doesn't hesitate to treat women equally :)

Heavy Metal L-Gaim - Sign of Mark II

Next Heavy Metal.... The predecessor anime to The Five Star Stories and Mobile Suit Z Gundam. ...

Juusenki L-Gaim - My turn

Quite a cute scene from E12. Poor Leccee!

L-Gaim final fight


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