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Collection of some of the best anime of all time.

Japanese Animation or (as it’s affectionately known in the US) “Anime” is a style of animation that has taken the US by storm. Known for exaggerated features (such as big eyes, oddly colored hair, etc) popular anime movies portray fantastic stories (usually about some supernatural power) that is not just beautiful to watch but also entertaining. Check out the most influential Japanese anime in the US.

Oban Star-Racers Opening

The French/Japanese Opening of Oban Star-Racers.

Oban star-racers - Chance to shine

I do NOT own oban star-racers or the song: Chance to shine!!!! My first vid XD Enjoy!

Oban Star Racers: Vol. 1-2 - DVD Trailer

DVD trailer for Oban Star Racers: Volumes 1 & 2. Find more information here: .

Oban Star Racer Ending Song

Oban Star Racer anime ending song.

Ōban Star-Racers - Opening - Multi Language

Yay!I am here again xD This time,i have made another multi with my childhood cartoon - Ōban Star-Racers. Ōban Star-Racers ) is a French/Japanese anime ...

What Happened to Oban Star Racers?

Oban Star Racers was a show on Jetix that is considered a hidden gem among animation fans. Let's give it a spotlight as I tell the interesting facts about this ...

oban star-racers trailer

this is the trailer of oban star racers STOP YOUTUBE!!! (you have to read this it's very important) STOP YOUTUBE!!! For your information, Youtube is getting rid of ...

Oban Star Racers Japanese Opening HQ

After a lot of time of digging after a good opening,I finally found this. Best quality japanese opening.

Chance to Shine  (AkinoXChristelle Labonne) Oban Star Racers

I Love the Anime Oban star Racers ,so i'm done this Video :)

Oban Star-Racers INTRO

DOWNLOAD Original song: Intro: Ending: .

When The Eurobeat Kicks In

The Earth Team installs Eurobeat on their craft. The black edges are because of the show's original aspect ratio [4:3] Scenes taken from Episode 13 of Oban Star ...

Ōban Star-Racers Official Jetix Trailer (2006, Jetix)

Ōban Star-Racers (オーバン・スターレーサーズ Ōban Sutā Rēsāzu?) is a French/Japanese anime created by Savin Yeatman-Eiffel of Sav! The World Productions.

Waratteta FULL version (Oban Star Racers Ending Theme) by sukoshi

Waratteta full version, as released on Yoko Kanno & Seatbelts album "Space Bio Charge" on 2009-05-27, catalog number VTCL-60141~3. Buy the CD: ...

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