the slayers revolution

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Slayers Revolution torment scene

Lina and co arent envirementally friendly.

Slayers Revolution: Uh-Oh.... Lina Flipped!

Nice knowing you, fuzzy lil' guy. I don't wish to own this clip. It rightfully belongs to Funimation.

Slayers Revolution Trailer

Slayers Revolution 30 sec Trailer.

Slayers Revolution- Babymetal

old video I had to bring to life haha.

Slayers Revolution Trailer

Slayers Revolution Trailer ***with subtitles*** Episode one aired in Japan on Tuesday July 2nd 2008, 1:20pm.

Slayers Revolution -- Sigla italiana

La sigla italiana di Slayers Revolution andata in onda su Hiro. E' uguale alla sigla originale a parte il doppiaggio di Rina all'inizio e la scritta Slayers Revolution.

Slayers Next - Frobbiden Dance

I bet you weren't expecting this XD Although not a spell, I slipped it in anyway, hehehe...

III Shades of Magic (Slayers Evolution-R AMV)

Made for Anime Boston 2015 AMV Contest but it was deemed to be too real and provocative for AB so to overflow it went (^_~). I made a lot of changes since that ...

Slayers Revolution and Evolution R Anime Review

Hello my loyal subscribers and new viewers! Here is a long awaited official review video from the anime unboxer, guess I should come up with a new name now.

Xellos Slayers revolution

La pelea contra Xellos.

Slayer EvolutionR episodio #13 Gigaslave!!!!

Slayer Evolution R. el ultimo GIGASLAVE de rina Por ahora!

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