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It is our hope that in creating this site we have created an entry point for both the expert and the layperson to trace the rich history of anime’s legacy on both film and popular culture, and to offer newcomers a comprehensive guide through to learn, rediscover, and explore the fullness that the genre of Japanese animation has to offer now and into the future.


Canción-Willow de Jasmine Thomson. Anime-Kuroshitsuji.

Thomas and Friends Toy Trains!

All Aboard! Come along for the ride as we watch trains from the Thomas the Tank Engine Wooden Railway Series run all over the Island of Sodor! See nearly 6 ...

CYPHERS - Anime Episode !!!  By Neylz

Welcome to my page dedicated to Cyphers ! Please join my Channel for my videos of Killing compilations as well as Full game commentaries !! :) If you have any ...

ameba. x high eyes

Here's an old collaboration from ameba and high eyes. Enjoy! The character in the video is Fukiyose Seiri from the Toaru series. Disclaimer: None of the content ...

Riegsen X FAKEEZYA _Boy erster Duo Stream

Donation: ... Support the stream: ... .

My top 11 underrated Anime villains ( no particular order )

These are anime villains that don't get as much attention so we're not going to include the big 3 1. Ryago kyriun Kill la Kill 2. Modoka ourimura....

Transform My Transformers: Awkward Door Greetings Supercut

A supercut of Transform My Transformers awkward door greetings. .


Van jonge rijzende sterren tot de grote kampioenen van de Belgische bokscène. Beklijvende titelgevechten. Zinderende sensatie in een uitgelaten arena.

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