yugioh arc v ep 148

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Yugioh Arc-V Episode 148 FINAL!

Do not watch this video if you do not want to see the end yet!

YuGiOh! Arc V Episode 148 - Yuya vs Reiji - Final Battle

It is time to end the final duel of the series and Yuya finally win. And that was the last duel of Arc V series. The next up is new series called Yugioh Vrains.

YuGiOh! Arc V Episode 148 - Odd-Eyes Rebellion Dragon

Odd Eyes Rebellion Dragon is back too.

YuGiOh! Arc V Episode 148 - Scale 12 Performapal Five Rainbow Magician

Yuya has scale 12 performapal monster with galaxy eyes and thanks to him he was able to pendulum summon Odd Eyes Venom and Wing dragon back.

Yugioh Arc-V -  Episode 148 Preview (Final Episode)

Like y suscribete me ayudarias mucho¡¡¡

YuGiOh! Arc V Episode 148 - Odd-Eyes Venom Dragon

[ DragonFusionPendulumEffect ] "Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon ""Starving Venom Fusion Dragon " During the turn this card was Fusion Summoned using only ...

Funny Subs ARC-V #148 "KEIKAKU DOORI!"

This amazing journey finally reaches its first stage of conclusion! Reiji takes the lead momentarily thanks to his new and improved DDDs which are designed to ...

Funny Subs ARC-V #148 "KEIKAKU DOORI!" Part II

On that land shall Keikaku prevail and EGAO expire. My subs... Have already been written. My journey of making Arc-V great again finally comes to an end with ...

Yu-Gi-Oh Arc-V: Episode 148 REVIEW

Yugioh Everything - My Reaction to 148 - This is it! The final ...

Funny Subs ARC-V #148 Secret Ending

Congratulations, your patience has lead you this far... enjoy the secret ending that will finally give closure to this long running dispute between an ambitious ...

YuGiOh! Arc V Episode 148 - Preview and Cast List

Episode 148 (Final Episode): miracle drawn by nemuram - Pendyuramu ga Egaku Kiseki Summary: … Yuya Is Powerless Before Reiji'S Ultimate Doom King ...

[AMV] Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V - One step 141-148

Decided to make a happy AMV on the latest series! EGAO!

YuGiOh! Arc V Episode 135 - Yuri vs Yuya - Final battle

Final Battle of the most waited duel of the series so far.

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